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This is Embarassing: Reverse Dippica
Pacifica's cell rang. Ignoring it, she flipped over on her bed. It's just a telemarketer or the devil. The ringing will stop.
Her cell rang again. It will go away. The pain will go.
It rang once more.
All right, all right.
Moaning, Pacifica opened her eyes and sat up. Pacifica patted the ground for a moment, trying to find her phone. Once she touched it, she grabbed it and slid the phone icon to the side.
Pacifica merely yawned, too tired to talk.
"Are you there?" Dipper said on the other line. Wait…Dipper? What does he want, especially now?
"Yeah?" Pacifica moaned, rubbing her eyes.
"Pacifica, where are you right now?" Dipper said on the other line.
Dipper paused for a moment.
"Um…uh, this is important. I need your help right now!"
"What happened?" she whispered, waking up slightly.
"Look, just come to mansion. I don't want Great-Uncle Stan or Mabel to know about this. Also, don't tell Gideon about this."
She blinked, taken back by his odd request. "Why?"
"Just do i
:iconaqua-girl07:Aqua-Girl07 26 4
Rev!Dipcifica ~ Meeting
"Why do I have to do this." I groaned, lugging the arrows in one arm and swiping my blonde hair back with my other. After walking for a few minutes, I reached the spooky part of the forest and started hanging up the signs, advertising the hoaxy Mystery Shack. I reached the next tree and tried the nail the next one in.
'Bang' Bang'
I stared at the tree in confusion; that sounded more like metal, "Huh?" I swiftly wiped my hand across the bark only to come off with a layer of dust. I spotted a line in the tree and dug my nails in to open it. With a rusty creak, the compartment opened to reveal switches and a 2 wires, one of them having been cut.
After fiddling with them, I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see a secret trap door a few yards away from where I stood. Did I just discover a mystery? What was inside? Maybe it held something so powerful that it had to be locked away? A key to a secret room? Directions to a lost city? I peered inside the trap door and saw...... a book.
I grab
:iconinsomniawriter:InsomniaWriter 25 5
Mature content
SwedenxReader LEMON :iconiggytales:IggyTales 291 64
Honor Roll (Teacher!GermanyXStudent!Reader)
(Y/N) wouldn't admit it, but World History was her favorite subject. She loved the past. To her, they were stories based on true events. Bad or good, she was interested in it. Throughout her childhood, she liked hearing stories, made-up or real. Whoever read the story ultimately had her full attention.
However, wouldn't it be a bit difficult if the presenter was extremely handsome and hypnotizing? Was it her hormones? Or was it just the fact that his class was so easy? Ludwig Beilschmidt is (Y/N)'s current World History teacher. At a mature age of twenty-three, the German became a teacher. Two years later, (Y/N) had entered his class. He was always impressed at her work, whether it required an essay, coloring, or drawing.
Ludwig definitely would not admit it, but (Y/N) was one of his favorite students. He was not allowed to show favoritism in class. But he liked how she always paid attention during lectures and documentaries, she never slept in class, and she always got the work done.
:iconget-with-it-fam:get-with-it-fam 139 101
Luxembourg x Reader - Spoons
Pat, pitter, pat.
You heavily walked to the kitchen, groggy and cold. The freezing tiled floor didn't help in that matter. Turning a corner, you walked into the kitchen, finding your longtime friend, Amara, fixing two bowls of cereal. You groaned and sat down, grabbing at the metal spoon and beginning to munch on the sugary breakfast.
"Not a morning person, eh?" He said as he sat down across from you.
"You should know that by now."
He gave you a crooked smile. "Oh, I do."
You groaned and pushed the bowl to your side, making room so that you could lay your arm out on the table with your cheek pressed against it.
"Have you finished that book for English yet?" He asked.
A groan was your reply.
"You excited that finals are over?"
Another groan.
He was quieter this time, but you could clearly hear him say, "So _____, have you had your first kiss?"
Keeping your head down out of embarrassment, you replied. "Where did that come from?"
"Hmm?" He bit his lip. "I thought you were too sle
:iconprettynordics:prettynordics 37 5
Mature content
Dipper Gleeful X reader ( NOT MINE !!! ) :iconsonadow27:sonadow27 25 13
Romano. Jumping.
My name is Romano.
And I am so done.
I don’t care about following a damn script and trying to pretty this video up.
You want me to be honest?
Have a big helping of fucking honesty.
I am sick.
And tired.
Of everything.
If I hear the words,
“Oh, it’ll get better! Just give it time!”
One more time…
I’m… I’m gonna rip throats out.
People have been telling me things will get better my entire life.
And you know what?
It just got worse. And worse.
And it really can’t get any worse.
Here, I’ll explain.
I never got to meet my parents.
I was raised by my Grandfather. And he never told me what happened to my Mom and Dad.
He would always just change the subject.
I tried to be the best Grandson I could be, even though I was always just lonely.
Even when I was with my little brother, I was just… lonely.
And you know what?
Feliciano has always been better than me. Grandpa would always bring him all these presents, he wou
:iconkaitobunny88:kaitobunny88 126 137
This smile. 

Why do I smile so much? I'm so unhappy...

No one likes me. I know that. 

They tell me that they hate me and they always make sure I'm not involved in any of their activities.  

It hurts. It hurts when nobody likes you. 

I always get yelled at for being who I am. I can't help it! I'm the hero, heroes always has to be happy and positive no matter how sad they are.

Still, it's starting to get hard to keep all of it in. 

Everytime I give an idea I always get told it's stupid or idiotic and told to sit down and shut up the rest of the meeting. Why do they all hate me?

I just try to lighten the mood since everyone is always in such a bad one. 

I like having Tonny as a friend but I wouldn't mind if they came over to my house once in a while. I don't even care if they stay long or not, I just want them to s
:iconblightfighter45:blightfighter45 143 102
Alfred F. Jones, personification of America. 

One of the strongest countries in the world. A "superpower" as some would say. 

Quite possibly the only person out of the Allies that would take time out of their day to help someone. He can't even count how many times he dropped everything he was doing to help Arthur or Matthew out when they need help which is mostly all the time.

Yet, he treated the exact opposite by everyone else. 

He dreads going to those meetings. It never turns out nice for him. 

All he ends up doing is going home and venting out his fustrations on his video games. 
It is also the reason why he eats a lot. Though he regrets it because the reaction that comes from him doing so is his biggest fear. 

He hates it. Oh how he hates it so.

Still, even when it happens, he manages to keep the smile that hides his feelings to ev
:iconblightfighter45:blightfighter45 109 86
Misunderstood Hetalia Characters
:iconthoughtfulprussiaplz: Prussia: People portray him as a player and a pervert. Okay, maybe he is perverted, but then again, most people are. Though, I can't see him a player and likewise because when he groped Hungary (when they were kids) he felt horrible afterwards, asking 'God' for forginess. (Though 'God' was all like; 'Pfft, too late, biotch!' and shit.) Plus, he truly is lonely, he teared up when seeing Hungary and Austria together. (Though, this could also be to the fact that Prussia might have a crush on Hungary, as seen in the Chibi Mascots with the title 'Unrequited' on Himaruya-san's blog.) He's also quite the nerd, feeling bed and refusing to eat foods and sweets with faces.
:iconFranceLOLWutplz: France: He is NOT a rapist. Yes, he is touchy feely (and preverted) but that doesn't make him a rapist, guys. He believes love isn't something you should force upon people. Have you seen episode 5 (Though I May Depart, You
:iconannalrk:annalrk 155 176
Why is Seychelles hated so often?
As a Seychelles cosplayer and role-player, I am very aware of the hate Seychelles receives. I know that there are reasons out there, but are they even reasonable? In this rant, I reveal why the common reasons of hating her barely make any sense. We are all entitled to our opinions, so she may be the most adorable thing ever, or appear to be boring and unappealing to others. Also, I'm not saying that you have to love her, or even like her! But you shouldn't really have to hate  her when there are practically no reasons to do so.
The reasons (in order) in this rant are: "She gets in the way of yaoi!", "She gets in the way of my OTP!!", "She is such a bitch!", "She is a whore!", "She gets ALL the guys in Gakuen Hetalia!", "She's a Mary-Sue!", "I don't like her because of her skin color!", "She gets paired up with EVERYONE!",  "She's a FEMALE!", "She's an island!", "I don't like how people portray Seychelles in their fanfictions!", "Seychelles is totally a useless, unnecessary character!",
:iconlauradanger:LauraDanger 166 311
Hetalia X Reader - M3SS1G1NG [] CHP. 1



[ USERNAME ] : Please tell me all of you are online right now

3:50 AM

AmericanHero : THE HERO HAS CAME!
3:53 AM
:iconparalyzed-chan:Paralyzed-Chan 106 36
(RQ) Norway x Reader: Handcuffs and Periods
That American was definitely going to regret not texting you earlier.
You annoyingly got into the bus, holding your cup of coffee. You were already late by 2 hours, because America didn't bother replying to your text 2 days earlier. Looking around you found a seat next to a somehow familiar man that had a sailor hat on his face.
"Gosh now this? I'm sitting next to a weirdo," you grumbled, plopping down on the seat.You put your bag in your lap as you sip your coffee, still pissed at the fact that you were on your period and that American.
"Ugh! I'm surrounded by idiots!" you groan as you felt your hand being lifted along with the clacking of metal chains. Wait, metal chains?????
You looked down on your right wrist only to see handcuffs. Handcuffs that were attached to the left wrist of Norway. "Did you do this?" he asks.
"Why the hell would I even like being close to you?" you said. "You seem suspicious Ms.(c/n)," he says crossing his arms over his chest, dragging you on his lap.
:iconhispanicgirl1313:Hispanicgirl1313 213 68
Hetalia x Drunk!Pervy!Reader Drunken Perviness
Warnings! This story contains kinks and other pervert materials, but no acts at all! If you're not comfortable with sexual talk then don't read! Not a lemon, not a lime, but just pervy in it's own way! Thank you and enjoy!
It was a normal day like any other and the World Meeting was kept in France once again. You were happy being in France. Country was beautiful, people were each one beautiful on their own French way and food was great. Especially you liked the souvenirs! You always got yourself some nice souvenirs and memories each time you visited in another country. Your house was like full of all kind of useless but cute and nice little things!
You were a really calm and laid back country, much like Greece and innocent looking just like Italy or Liechtenstein. Cute countries in your option. Too bad Liechtenstein wasn't there today, but maybe it was better that way. Switzerland did good when he decided that they wouldn't show up. This meeting was quite chaotic. No o
:iconcomplexlepus:ComplexLepus 345 254
Hetalia x Reader- Sleeping
New little series thing I'm doing. Kinda like boyfriend scenarios, but in no specific order.
Germany: Wants to cuddle with you, but you usually end up falling asleep before he can gain the courage to ask you.
Italy: Extremely clingy, but still respectful of your boundaries. If you like to cuddle, he'll have his arms and legs wrapped snugly around you.
Japan: Won't touch you unless you initiate physical contact. Is a bit awkward about it, but will accept that you're not letting go.
Romano(that's right bitches, he's part of the Axis, damn pricks.) : Pretends he doesn't want to cuddle, until you're half asleep and probably won't remember him clinging to you like Veniziano.
America: Crushes you unknowingly from behind in an attempt to snuggle.
England: You both face the same way, holding hands.
France: No matter what, you always end up snuggled on top of him, limbs awkwardly intertwined.
Russia: Is ever careful not to crush or hurt you in any way, but you end up cu
:iconescapedfromhelltwice:EscapedFromHellTwice 206 34
What the Hell are Fandoms? Romano x Reader
You sat in your shared bedroom with a certian pissy Italian boy, Lovino. Well, technically you were laying down, pinned down actually, by him, on the account of you simply refused to explain fandoms to him. You loved Lovi very much, so you couldn't allow him to ruin what little innocence he might have left.
" Tell me." He said after what seemed like hours. That boy can't take a hint, can he?
" Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you....." you finally whispered back.
'Fandoms are the insane population of people who may or may not have sold their soul to it, and they kind of worship it and ya know, the more I think about it, it's kind of a giant cult that usually meets online and there's always different parts of a fandom, but usually most of them just let the thing consume their soul and and they show their love though fanart and fanfiction and-"
" What's fanfiction?" Lovi asked (More like demmanded).
" Ehehehehe. There' is two types. Most of the it's time two characters from the s
:iconescapedfromhelltwice:EscapedFromHellTwice 29 17


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Hasta-la-pasta baby~!


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